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ABSCESS - Discography

ABSCESS - Discography

ABSCESS - (2007) Horrorhammer

ABSCESS - (2004) Damned and Mummified

ABSCESS - (2002) Through the Cracks of Death

ABSCESS - (2000) Tormented

ABSCESS - (1996) Seminal Vampires And Maggot Men

ABSCESS - (1995) Urine Junkies (comp)

ABOMINATTION [Brazil] - Discography

ABOMINATTION - (2003) Doutrine Of False Martyr
01. Purity in Flames
02. Reigning in the Impure Blood
03. Doutrine of False Martyr
04. Triumph of the Impure Ones
05. The Unholy March
06. Fallen Angel
07. Empire in Blasphemy
08. Hatefull Divine Creation
09. The Emptiness of the Flesh - Part II

ABOMINATTION - (2000) Rites Of The Eternal Hate
01 Rites of the Eternal Hate (Intro)
02 Abomination... of Creation
03 Real Glory Revealed
04 Diabolical Redemption
05 Burn on Behalf of God
06 Hated by the Flames
07 The Emptiness of the Flesh
08 Smell of Death

ABOMINATION [ISR] - Discography

ABOMINATION [ISR] - Discography

ABOMINATION - (2008) Planet X

Abomination - Planet X (2008)
01. No Comission
02. Faceoff
03. Madejin
04. Hunt Again
05. Vortex
06. Exploading Man
07. Planet X
08. Fallen (Rmx)
09. Jekyll And Hyde
10. Distorting Substance

ABOMINATION - (2006) Enemy Within

01. Fallen
02. Pass Away (Vs. New Dawn Corporation)
03. The Hunt
04. Mr Nice
05. Americas First
06. Enemy
07. Protocol
08. Glitch
09. Deviden (Album Version)

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ABOMINATION (US) - Discography

ABOMINATION (US) - Discography
Abomination (US)
Formed :1987, Chicago, IL, United States
Members: Paul Speckmann (bass, vocals), Aaron Nickeas (drums), Dean Chioles (guitar), Konopka (guitar), Mike Schaffer (guitar)
Related Artists: Death Strike, Funeral Bitch, Krabathor, Martyr, Master, Speckmann Project
Genres: Thrash Metal, Death Metal

1988: Demo 1 EP
1989: Demo 2 EP
1990: Appears on: Split [Master / Abomination] EP
1990: Abomination
1991: Tragedy Strikes
1999: Curses of the Deadly Sin
1999: The Final War EP

ABOMINATION - (1999) The Final War (EP)

Abomination - The Final War (EP) (1999)
01. Face In The Crowd
02. You Could Be Next
03. Take A Sip Of Power
04. Man Created God
05. Mistaken Reality

ABOMINATION - (1999) Curses of a Deadly Sin

Abomination - Curses of a Deadly Sin (1999)
01. Victim of the Future 03:35
02. Social Outcast
03. Rape of the Grave
04. Possession
05. Doomed By the Living
06. The Truth
07. Over the Edge
08. Reformation
09. Impending Doom
10. Curses of the Deadly Sin
11. Tunnel of Damnation
12. Follower

ABOMINATION - (1991) Tragedy Strikes

Abomination - Tragedy Strikes (1991)
01. Blood For Oil
02. They're Dead
03. Pull The Plug
04. Will They Bleed
05. Industrial Sickness
06. Soldier
07. Kill Or Be Killed
08. Oppression

ABOMINATION - (1990) Follower (Split Abomination and Master)

Abomination - Follower (Split Abomination and Master) (1990)
Master (US)
Abomination (US)

ABOMINATION - (1990) Abomination

Abomination - Abomination (1990)
01. The Choice
02. Murder, Rape, Pillage and Burn
03. Reformation
04. Redeem Deny
05. Possession
06. Suicidal Dreams
07. Life and Death
08. Victim of the Future
09. Tunnel of Damnation
10. Follower (Bonus Track)
11. Impending Doom (Bonus Track)


Abigail Williams
Symphonic / Melodic Deathcore

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS - (2005) Gallow Hill (Demo)
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS - (2006) Legend (EP)
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS - (2008) In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS - (2008) In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns

2008: In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns
Release Date: 2008
Label: Candlelight

Abigail Williams - In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns (2008)
02.The World Beyond
04.A Thousand Suns
05.Into the Ashes
06.Smoke and Mirrors
07.A Semblance of Life
08.Empyrean- into the Cold Wastes
10.The Departure

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS - (2006) Legend (EP)

Abigail Williams - Legend (EP) (2006)
01.From A Buried Heart
02.Like Carrion Birds
03.The Conqueror Wyrm
05.Procession Of The Aeons (Exclusive Demo)

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS - (2005) Gallow Hill (Demo)

Abigail Williams - Gallow Hill (Demo) (2005)
01.Forced Ingestion Of Binding Chemicals
02.Melquiades (The Great Work)
03.A Perfect Knot

ABERDEEN CITY - Discography

Freezing Atlantic
Release Date: October 25, 2005
Label: Aberdeen City

Aberdeen City - The Freezing Atlantic (2005)

1. Another Seven Years
2. Pretty Pet
3. God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me
4. Sixty Lives
5. The Arrival
6. In Combat
7. Stay Still
8. Brighton
9. Best Chances Are Gone
10. Mercy

ABERDEEN CITY - (2005) The Freezing Atlantic

ABBA - Discography

ABBA - Discography

ABBA was a pop music group formed in Sweden in November 1970. The band consisted of Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida), Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Agnetha Fältskog. Anni-Frid and Benny were a married couple, as were Bjorn and Agnetha (both couples later divorced). The group topped the charts worldwide from 1972 to 1982.

The name "ABBA" is an acronym formed from the first letters of each of the group members' given names (Agnetha, Björn, Benny, Anni-Frid), and the group took this name officially in late 1973.[1] The group's name is officially trademarked with the first "B" reversed ( ABBA mirrored BB.gif ), so that the left and right halves of the name are mirror-images of one another.

ABBA gained international popularity employing catchy song hooks, simple lyrics, sound effects (reverb, phasing) and a Wall of Sound achieved by overdubbing the female singers' voices in multiple harmonies. As their popularity grew, they were sought after to tour Europe, Australia, and North America, drawing crowds of ardent fans, notably in Australia. Touring became a contentious issue, being particularly unpopular with Fältskog, but they continued to release studio albums to great commercial success. At the height of their popularity, however, both relationships began suffering strain that led ultimately to the collapse of first the Ulvaeus-Fältskog marriage (in 1979) and then of the Andersson-Lyngstad marriage in 1981. In the late-70's/ early 80's these relationship changes began manifesting in the group's music, as they produced more thoughtful, introspective lyrics with different compositions.

ABBA remains a fixture of radio playlists and is one of the world's best-selling bands, having sold nearly 370 million records worldwide,[2][3] making them the second best-selling band in history and the second best-selling pop artists in history. They still sell two to four million records a year.[4] ABBA was also the first pop group from mainland Europe to enjoy consistent success in the charts of English-speaking countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Rhodesia, Australia and New Zealand. Their enormous popularity subsequently opened the doors for other Continental European acts.[5]

The music of ABBA has been re-arranged into the successful musical Mamma Mia! that has toured worldwide and had a movie version released in July 2008 (one of the highest grossing films in the UK). All four of the former members of ABBA were present at the Stockholm premieres of both the musical (2005) and the film (2008). The film première took place at the Benny Andersson-owned Rival Theatre at Mariatorget, Stockholm on 4 July 2008. A new museum devoted entirely to the pop supergroup was scheduled to open in Stockholm in 2009, but the project was postponed as of September 2008.[6]

ABBA - (1981) The Visitors

ABBA - (1980) Super Trouper

ABBA - (1979) Voulez Vous

ABBA - (1977) Abba The Album

ABBA - (1976) Arrival

ABBA - (1975) Abba

ABBA - (1974) Waterloo

ABBA - (1973) Ring Ring

ABACABB - Discography

2009 - Survivalist
Release Date: 2009
Label: Sumerian

ABACABB - Survivalist (2009)

1. Introduction
2. Infection
3. Addiction
4. Regression
5. Survivalist
6. Destruction
7. Articulation
8. Devastation
9. Rejection
10. Isolation

ABACABB - (2009) Survivalist

A SKYLIT DRIVE - Discography

A SKYLIT DRIVE - (2006) Demo
A SKYLIT DRIVE - (2007) She Watched the Sky (EP)
A SKYLIT DRIVE - (2008) Wires... And The Concept Of Breathing
A SKYLIT DRIVE - (2009) Eva The Carrier (SINGLE)

A SKYLIT DRIVE - (2009) Eva The Carrier (SINGLE)

A SKYLIT DRIVE - (2008) Wires... And The Concept Of Breathing

A SKYLIT DRIVE - (2007) She Watched the Sky (EP)

A SKYLIT DRIVE - (2006) Demo

A SILVER MT ZION - Discography

A Silver Mt Zion - Discography

Genre: Post Rock/Math rock
Origin: Canada

A SILVER MT ZION - (2000) He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms
A SILVER MT ZION - (2001) Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward
A SILVER MT ZION - (2003) This Is Our Punk-Rock, Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing
A SILVER MT ZION - (2004) Pretty Little Lightning Paw EP
A SILVER MT ZION - (2005) Horses in the Sky
A SILVER MT ZION - (2008) 13 Blues For Thirteen Moons

A SILVER MT ZION - (2008) 13 Blues For Thirteen Moons

A SILVER MT ZION - (2005) Horses in the Sky

A SILVER MT ZION - (2004) Pretty Little Lightning Paw EP

A SILVER MT ZION - (2003) This Is Our Punk-Rock

A SILVER MT ZION - (2001) Born Into Trouble

A SILVER MT ZION - (2000) He Has Left Us Alone

A PERFECT MURDER - Discography

A PERFECT MURDER - (2007) War Of Aggression

A PERFECT MURDER - (2005) Strength Through Vengeance

A PERFECT MURDER - (2005) Rehearsal (EP)

A PERFECT MURDER - (2004) unbroken

A PERFECT MURDER - (2003) Cease To Suffer

A PERFECT MURDER - (2001) Blood Covered Words (EP)

A PERFECT CIRCLE - Discography


A PERFECT CIRCLE - (2003) Thirteenth Step

A PERFECT CIRCLE - (2000) Mer de Noms

A PERFECT CIRCLE - (2000) Live In Phoenix [Live]

A DAY TO REMEMBER - Discography

A DAY TO REMEMBER - (2009) Homesick

A DAY TO REMEMBER - (2008) Old Record

A DAY TO REMEMBER - (2008) For Those Who Have Heart (Reissue)

A DAY TO REMEMBER - (2007) For Those Who Have Heart

A DAY TO REMEMBER - (2005) And Their Name Was Treason